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We have over thirty characters in our Warped Tour & Taste of Chaos based slash RP, with mpreg, femmeslash, and all celebrities welcome!

Check out our Character List, we have plenty of openings and even original character muses are welcome. We're currently in the off tour season with our characters gearing up for our optional International Taste of Chaos tour this fall and our US Taste of Chaos tour next year so there's plenty of time to develop storylines and friendships before they hit the road.

This is definitely not your typical Warped Tour.

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I was born a unicorn

Stretch Out And Wait

Title: Stretch Out And Wait
Author: Tuesdae Y?/morrisseyislove
Pairing(s): Joe/Pete, Pete/Patrick, Joe/Patrick, Joe/Ryan, Ryan/Brendon, Joe/OMC, Pete/OFC, Andy/OFC
Rating: I don't know, PG-13 or PG-14? You decide.
Summary: This isn't quite in order. I know that it can't be, but I know that I mean it. And you should too. Because I mean it. Nothing is a lie, at least it's not a lie if they force you against the truth, if they won't believe the real truth. And this is my truth.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, I don't claim to own anything or know anyone, any assumptions are your own. Characters belong to themselves and title belongs to The Smiths, or rather, Morrissey and Marr.
Author's note: I know, I haven't written anything in forever. Well, I have, I just haven't posted any in forever. :/ Damn writer's block. Anyway, I managed to get some creative juices flowing in science class, and I'm now just posting. Hope you like it. Con crit welcome, bashing not.

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Title: Hammurabi's Code
Author: ardbay
Pairing: Pete/Joe mentions of Pete/Patrick and Joe/Various girls
Rating: Lets call it R to be safe
Summary: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, revenge for revenge (best friends, ex friends till the end)
Word Count: 3,074
Notes: I was kind of in a bad mood when I started this. And then in a better mood when I ended it. So dedi's to followedhere for the inspiration type thing and to ormaybeforever for being awesome in general and making me smiley.
Disclaimer: About as real as spontanious-generation.

This is what it feels like

That, "What, are you stupid?" Look

Title: That "What, are you stupid?" Look
Pairing: Pete/Joe [Fall Out Boy]
Rating: R
Summary: Things change a lot in 4 years, don't they?
Disclaimer: As real as the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.
Notes: I'm dedicating this to followedhere because her amazing fic made me want to write. :]
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Here I am at the station from which I left on my first journey, it has remained as it was then, without any change

Goodnight Moon [pro]

Title: Goodnight, Moon [pro]
Pairing: Pete/Joe [Fall Out Boy]
Rating: R (violence, sex later on)
Summary: When the runaway turns on his accomplice in the middle of the night, and a gunshot shatters the silence of a peaceful LA neighborhood, there's nothing to do but remember where it all began.
Disclaimer: Not real, I don't own Pete Wentz or Joe Trohman, and I do not own the outline of the plot idea, or the majority of the plot in the first chapter. The plot is taken from the short movie Goodnight, Moon in which Pete Wentz starred.
Notes: In this story Joe has his lip ring so, just so that isn't contested, it did exist. :] ALSO-story contains murder, this chapter especially.

And to all the familiar things in the softly lit room
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